"The Diversity of Decay" is a project that highlights the unique beauty of autumn leaves and their unpredictable array of colors during the process of withering and decomposition.
This project is aimed at capturing the natural aesthetics found in the life and death cycle of nature. 
The project's photographs illuminate the diversity of colors present in the decaying process of leaves, emphasizing the natural beauty in the smallest details.
The project aims to impress upon the viewer not only with beauty but also to remind them of the natural cycle of life and death. Each photographic frame serves as visual evidence of the eternal cyclicality of nature. By drawing attention to the natural beauty of the surrounding world, the project also seeks to highlight the need for preserving natural resources and maintaining ecosystems in a balanced state.
"The Diversity of Decay" aims not only to offer striking visual impressions but also to inspire reflections on the profound processes of nature. This project is intended to advocate for nature conservation and reveal the depth and beauty in unexpected aspects of life.
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